Lewis Hamilton wins record Formula 1 championship

Lewis Hamilton celebrates record Formula One victory


Lewis Hamilton has won the British Grand Prix for a record-equaling fifth time.

Starting from pole position, Hamilton led every lap while teammate Sebastian Vettel, Hamilton’s main rival in the world championship standings, suffered a late puncture to slip from fourth to seventh.

Hamilton’s win, a fourth in a row at Silverstone, sees him join two-time world champion Jim Clark and four-time champ Alain Prost with five victories.

The British driver has been somewhat underrated considering he had won more race victories than any other driver in history. Being a black man in a white sport has seem him struggling to be taken seriously and being/looking young doesn’t help either. He’s still only 32. Hamilton has also dated some of the world’s most desirable women and made a foray into pop culture.

Hamilton and Bella Hadid
Hamilton and Bella Hadid

Hamilton seems to have the last word each time with his continuous victories. Next stop, Hungary Grand Prix!