Letter to the Fellas: "Do we Intentionally give ladies false hope? Or is it unconscious?" by Psychologist Adejoro Olumofin


Letter to the Fellas. Volume 3. (Do we Intentionally give ladies false hope? Or is it unconscious?).. Why do Ladies always have to ask us one of the most famous questions ever “Who am I to you?”
As guys deep inside our “Id” i.e  our reservoir of Emotions and Feelings ; we know that a Lady may not be the one for us or be our type yet we stand in her way of moving on and getting a man. 
We play the role of Boyfriend to a lady who we don’t see as our Girlfriend. We fill her head with Imaginary love, buy her nice and expensive things, introduce her to our family, meet her own family yet she doesn’t know you’re on gear 1 while she’s on gear 6.. I’ve been guilty of this as well and I hope I’ve learned to know better.. But my Question is do we men STRING ladies along Intentionally ? or is it unconscious? or are we just Mean and Insensitive?.. 
Both men and women are guilty of stringing people along but men have a Phd in Stringing Affairs because of our Ego and Machismo.. Some men see having a lot of ladies around them as an accomplishment. Most times the ladies who are victims to this lost years of their lives being enslaved to a guy in Imaginary Love just to find out that he’s not that into her or he’s engaged to another lady who is his true type or preference. 
As fellas I know we all have that selfish trait and want to be needed and adored by ladies even if its at their detriment.. Please let’s try to respect the emotions of ladies and realise that sometimes it takes more time for a lady to move on than a man.. Also, to the ladies ; if you have to ask a guy ” WHO AM I TO YOU?” More than 4 times then rethink that relationship, also try to look for the signs that a guy is just stringing you along because the more time you spend with him the more emotionally attached you will be.. I must also say it takes a strong man to put his selfishness aside and let a lady move on with her life if he knows he doesn’t have serious plans for her.. 
Dear Fellas stop blocking the entrance if you’re not willing to step up or your relationship isn’t defined. Any relationship that isn’t defined is a waste of time. Ladies make sure he tells you who you are to him. Its a form of Relationship Insurance. #DoktorMofin #Psychology #LetterToTheFellas Vol. 3
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