Justin Bieber and the Comeback Kid – the open shirt

Open shirts are so hot right now. They shouldn't be, they're an abomination that were supposed to disappear with Travolta. But he lingered and so did they, now popularized by megastar Justin Bieber. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em...

Justin bieber open shirt tattoo skin

Open shirts

Not every man can carry off this look. The 80s killed the look for the next couple of decades. Remember Medallion Man? Yes, him from the 80s, the greasy (usually Mediterranean waiter type with a slicked back hair, and a cheap gold medallion hanging on a chain, still trying to live off John Travolta long after John Travolta rocked off to obselesence and when he came back your didn’t see him in unbuttoned shirts.

So when and how did the open shirt come back in unsullied glory?

Was it abs? Did the rise in fitfam make it suddenly acceptable to show off abs again and maybe tattoos.

I kind of think it was Justin Bieber. This was definitely a white boy thing and he’s one of the biggest musical artists on the planet.  When did Justin Bieber become cool tho? Now he’s in the Khaled camp for crying out loud and he’s brought his open shirts with him.

An open shirt basically says I’m sexy and I know it and I want you to know. The swag on this is probably directly proportionate to the levels of your six pack and the amount of money in your wallet. You actually have to be really sexy to pull it off and you’re appealing to the wild thoughts a woman (or man) may be having about you at that time. This is not the way to try woo the loans office at your local bank into giving an extra credit line, but catch her at the club maybe.

Thus guys, you may keep your white shirts. we love your open shirts but keep it classy (context appropriate), keep it abtastic and keep it designer.