The Invincible Pen: Soul-Seeking Pleasure


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Contributor: The Invincible Pen
One thing has always led to another. We all are products of desire; what we see around forms the bedrock of our cravings. It will be foolish for us to save a penny without the slightest of purpose for it not even any. How can a snail bleed? Its either passion or pleasure that should halt leisure; if not both, there can be a seizure.

How did we find ourselves here? One purposeful thrust, one victorious sperm, one gullible egg, one generously opened gate and the rest all fell in line. Some were framed in rubber, but for the aim of glory ahead, they crossed borders and sailed deep into fulfillment; others ended in chains. What’s in this world to gain if not for survival for the sustenance of pleasure and passion?

Rhythms and rhymes can’t replicate the delicacies for a delicate heart. Feed it with love or lust; it won’t stop it’s crave till the grave. The brave sometimes fear the cave not for its size but for its enormity that often translate uncertainty. Some want to see the sun go down while others go down without sight of the passing sun.

If it must be done, see that it’s not only pleasing to the eyes but also satisfactory to the soul; but then, can the soul be satisfied? Everything happens for something. Nothing happens for just anything. You want to be the happening dude, are you indeed something worth happening? Quick answer is YES! But whose thirst are you quenching?

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