Formula One Granny – Takes to the Track at 79

rosemary smith 79 years white hair driving suit

Formula One is known for being a young fellow’s game. There have been a lot of drivers making out of date and sexist remarks about what it takes to deal with an 800-horsepower beast. In the sport’s almost 70-year history, just a few ladies have ever been in the driver’s seat, much less attempt to race in the famous Grand Prix. 79-year-old Rosemary Smith, the formula one granny, demonstrates that all it takes is skill and not a specific set of base chromosomes.

Renault UK and the Renault Sport Formula One crew allowed Smith to prove these doubters wrong. Smith is a previous rally driver from Ireland. In her career as a racer, Smith has dealt with a lot of sexism, at the same time piling up her winnings. The story was much the same for her co-driver Pauline Gullick. After she quit competitive racing, Smith began a school utilising Renault Clios.

Smith was reached by Renault UK about the test drive. She’d never tried driving anything near as quick or as powerful high-tech F1 auto. The recent Renault Sport driver Jolyon Palmer demonstrated her the rudiments of the auto – for the most part how to steer this complicated machine – before Smith went out for laps at France’s Circuit Paul Ricard. As told by Renault, Smith now holds the record for the oldest individual to ever get in the driver’s seat of an advanced Formula One car.