Fashion Blogger Jonathan Zegbe releases new KOMONO X BALOJI sunglasses fashion photo series.


Belgium based fashion blogger Jonathan Zegbe has released a new fashion photo series.

As the Belgian ambassador for the sunglasses capsule collection between KOMONO X BALOJI , Jon came up with the idea to work on an editorial inspired by the style of the “Congolese Sapeurs” creating a very pure and very Congolese feature that remains true to the brand.

Take a look at the inspiring pieces which Jon tells us he’s very proud of.
Le Sapeur Congolais-00241-Edit Le Sapeur Congolais-00457-Edit Le Sapeur Congolais-00308-Edit Le Sapeur Congolais-00395-Edit Le Sapeur Congolais-00166-Edit Le Sapeur Congolais-00514-Edit Le Sapeur Congolais-00105-Edit Le Sapeur Congolais-00289-Edit Le Sapeur Congolais-00557 Le Sapeur Congolais-00429-Edit Le Sapeur Congolais-00185 Le Sapeur Congolais-00371-Edit Le Sapeur Congolais-00253-Edit Le Sapeur Congolais-00130-Edit Le Sapeur Congolais-00411-Edit Le Sapeur Congolais-00597 Le Sapeur Congolais-00319-Edit Le Sapeur Congolais-00403-Edit