Dreads – the new aesthetic

Dreads used to mean something, now they're the new trap aesthetic.

waka flocka dreads trap
Waka Flocka

Before Lil Wayne, dreads were a little more rare.  You were a reggae artist, some kind of rasta or appreciating a higher level of consciousness. If you were white you were a new age traveller or trust fund kid on drugs. If you were African, this was just something to do while at university before real life began. Dreads weren’t sexy like that unless you also bought into the philosophies that went along with them.  Now dreads are hella sexy however soulless you are.  Lil Wayne changed everything when he was (for a while) the biggest rapper on the planet.  Not the prettiest mofo but he sure made them cool – they’re best paired with a zillion tattoos and a diamond grill. The trap movement took over and the rest is history. Now errbody has joined bad gang to rock the look from Rae Serramund to Runtown.   Dreads are so sought after, people are even being mugged for their locks.  Here’s our gallery of the hottest celebs rocking dreadlocks.