Crisis: Lagos State Govt. threatens to shut down Ladipo auto parts market


By Phebean Ogundapo

Lagos State government in alliances with Mushin LGA has threatened to shut down the popular Ladipo auto spare parts market if the crisis rocking the market is not resolved.

Babajide Bello, executive secretary of Mushin Local Government Area while speaking with journalists in Lagos recently said the government would have no option than to shut the market due to the ongoing chaos. 

Bello said he could not fold his hands and watch total breakdown of law and order in Mushin by the warring factions, saying he was aware of the lingering crisis in the market and was ready to arrest the situation so that it will not escalate. The local council boss said he has invited the two parties involved in the matter, the executives of the traders and Monday Lawrence, the leader of cemetery workers, for discussion.

Last week, another fight broke out, which left some traders injured. Trouble started when some cemetery workers stormed the market with the aid of some military officers.

Bello pointed out that he was aware that the cemetery was contracted to Lawrence but did not know if the contract involved collection of tolls in the market on behalf of Mushin LGA. He said the warring factions were of Igbo extraction and could not understand why they could not resolve their areas of disagreement amicably without resorting to violence.

It was not the first time the groups were fighting at the market. Last month, there was fighting and eight workers were arrested and charged before an Ebute Metta Magistrate court for causing mayhem in the market dominated by Igbo auto spare parts traders.

The workers started moving round the market and ringing bell to announce that the executive of the market has been dissolved and they were now in charge of the market. When LACEC taskforce members attempted to stop them, fighting broke out.


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