Having to watch alien and robots infested films can be overwhelming, but seeing these robots actually carry out alien acts in life is really stupendous. Harvard’s madmen as someone called them have put together real life swarms with tiny robots. Watching the video gave us goose pimples for the reason that it felt like watching ants migrating. They created thousands of kilobots that can assemble themselves to form patterns and shape.


How it worked – There’s a few bots referred to as the seed, which attract the remaining bots into position. Each of these bots sends out Infrared lights (IR) which attract other bots to fall in line. The dimmer the lights become, the further away the bots get. As soon as the robots are saturated in one place, they communicate with each other to position themselves properly. Oddly enough they tell each other when something goes wrong allowing the healthy ones to continue working. As freaky as this technology looks, it isn’t enough reason to be scared since they can be stamped on just as ants can get stamped on except the robots could actually become aliens as portrayed in movies.