5 Stylish Nigerian men


5 Stylish Nigerian men

Ian Audifferen


iamisigoIan has managed to marry an audacious approach to style with capes and oversized, highly detailed shirts and pants with a casualness that is reminiscent of ease of the 90’s. He is also unafraid of colour and marries all these separate details into a single cohesive aesthetic. Ian is undeniably himself in his style and that embodies style for me.

Denola Adepetun of Denolagrey.com.


Denola dabbles with the dandy aesthetic, with cravats and highly textured jackets and shirts. But he always returns to his fashion forward prep-style ala Ralph Lauren, his pants always fit, and his hems are always crisp. What more could you ask for?

Ebuka Obi Uchendu

ebuka-obi-uchennduEbuka is clean cut and love lines. He dresses for his body and occasionally does something daring. But he is reliable and I like that.

Mai Atafo of the eponymous brand


Mai is a great designer and an even better dresser. He embodies the man he seeks to dress and I love that about him.

O.C Ukeje


O.C Ukeje listens to his team and that shows in how well put together he always is. He dresses for the occasion, dressing up and down as needed. He is never over or under dressed. I particular like how effortlessly he pulls off quaint sauvage looks, and his quirky bowties and suspenders.