2Face Is Fortyfied



Take it from the man himself: “It’s a lot of pressure being called a legend” but Innocent ‘2Face’ Idibia wears it well. Almost 20 years in the Nigerian music industry, his sound from his days as a scrappy kid “straight outta Otukpo” continues to resound in pop culture all around the world today like he just came on the scene. Now 40, 2Baba continues to pull victory from the jaws of defeat and remains the most successful artiste on the continent (…and you can take that to the bank, cash it and spend it). Welcome to the world of 2Baba, a land where there’s an ocean of experience, a strong opinion of what is normal or not and an endless chart of hits. The icon, whether is rocking a skin cut or really fashionable tux comes with evidently talismanic good fortune attached and in this interview, he speaks about sharing that fortune, about religion oppressing Nigerians and shows what it means to be really fortyfied. Can all “My African Queens” stand up? It’s 2FACE! Excerpts:


MADE: How do you feel at 40?

2FACE: I feel so fulfilled, thankful to Almighty God for my past, present and future encounters, experiences and success in all my endeavours.

MADE: What is your plan for your birthday?

2FACE: Hmm, well, to be honest, I really have not made a lot plans. I am, however, going the humanity way by spending my birthday with the Red Cross Organisation and we are open to gifts of all kinds for those that are in need. We are launching a FORTYFIED campaign for that. After the 18th of this month which is my birthday, there would be a FORTYFIED concert at the Eko Hotel and Suites where there would be performances from my friends and family in the entertainment industry.

MADE: You are definitely older and wiser now, so we are going to hit you with the hard stuff and ask what your thoughts on religion and its effects in Nigeria are?

2FACE: Nigerians are highly religious, we are too much of ‘’my religion says this… that’’ set of people. Not that this is right or wrong, but I personally believe that we should be more spiritual than being more religious.

MADE: Wow, interesting, please explain further…

2FACE: There’s only one God and it’s the same God we all call. Be it Christians or Muslims. Religion, however, has really changed the mindset of most Nigerians, we are mostly beclouded and brainwashed by what our religion says while this affects our social reasoning. We mostly operate on our religious emotional realm rather than thinking of the social repercussions of some actions. We hide under the umbrella of religion.

MADE: 2Baba, would you ever get into politics?

2FACE: Politics should be a youth dominated industry, but the reverse is the case in Nigeria. It would be nice to see more youths in politics, I think that is the revolution we all are waiting for.

Remembering my first day in the studio is so exciting to think of, I can’t believe it over 17 years already

MADE: What are your thoughts on business in Nigeria?

2FACE: Business in Nigeria is not as bad as people paint it. Basically, it depends on the type of business one is into, although there can be some standby factors otherwise known as the ‘’Nigerian factors’’, maybe it’s the government not being favourable enough or the economy is far from stable or piracy, lack of proper sensitisation of the industry or the marketplace at large, it all boils down to the type of business and its relevance to the target audience in the marketplace.

MADE: There is so much wisdom in your words, how long have you been in the game for?

2FACE: I have been in the music industry for more than 17 years now.

MADE: What does family mean to you?

2FACE: To me, family is everything. Without family, there can’t be me. The idea behind family is simple, the family is the only one that wouldn’t leave, come rain come shine. I have come to understand that family goes beyond blood ties or marriage, it’s way more than that.